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Benefits of a Nanny Housekeeper

Working, raising kids, and running a household: each of those things can easily be full time. If you combine all three, things can get hectic. This is where hiring a nanny housekeeper and help save your sanity! If you are still on the fence about introducing a nanny housekeeper into the mix of your day… Read more »

Tags: , , , | January 11, 2019

3 Benefits of a Personal Chef

Your days are packed. Between work, driving the kids around to their various activities, catching up on voicemails, or planning social gatherings, there is often little time or energy left to prepare healthy meals for the family. Enter: a personal chef. Hiring a personal chef isn’t just for the elite, either. In fact, it’s more… Read more »

Tags: , , | December 26, 2018

The best areas of the country to find personal chef jobs

You have spent countless hours perfecting recipes, learning the inner workings of the kitchen, and are now ready to launch into a career as a chef. While there are plenty of jobs to choose out there in commercial kitchens, more and more people are looking to work as personal chefs because of the flexibility and… Read more »

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Why a personal chef is great for your specific dietary needs

Whether it’s for a lifestyle change, medical reasons, or to lose weight, diets are a big part of our culture today. It can be hard to stick to them, especially if you are the only one doing the shopping, prepping, and cooking. It simply takes a lot of time to prepare everything in your diet… Read more »

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Why you should be a personal chef

If you love cooking, becoming a personal chef could be a great career idea. Personal chefs usually serve households or individuals and will plan, prepare, and cook meals based on the preferences and dietary requirements are of the client. This career allows you to be creative in what you cook, as well as give you… Read more »

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Hiring an Estate Manager

Determining Your Need Before officially posting the job, accepting applications, or reviewing resumés it is necessary to figure out what exactly it is you and your family require. It is possible that you may not need an estate manager but a different component of a household staff. One thing to consider is how many properties… Read more »

January 4, 2017

Do I Need a Personal Assistant?

Success in Accomplishing Goals One of the first things to look at when deciding your need for a personal assistant is whether or not you are accomplishing the things you set out to do over a given period. Some examples of goals that may be allusive include eliminating busy work from your day to day… Read more »

December 31, 2016

Benefits of an Organized Home

Reduces Stress and Depression There are plenty of things that are stressful in our day to day lives but it an unorganized house is not something that is often associated with stress. According to an article  in Psychological Science, “Clutter is stressful for the brain, so you’re more likely to resort to coping mechanisms such… Read more »

December 24, 2016

The Importance of Employee Screening

Criminal Background Check One of the first (arguably most important) aspects of employee screening is determining if they have any criminal history, what, if anything, they were charged with and whether or not they were convicted. Minor offenses may not be a deal breaker for you, but without accurate information provided in a background check… Read more »

December 16, 2016

Why Hire a Housekeeper for the Holidays?

First Impressions Even if you are not hosting your family’s holiday celebrations at your house, it is not uncommon to have a myriad of visitors stopping in to visit you during this time of year. The general appearance of your house, as well as the smell that greets guests when they walk through the door,… Read more »

December 8, 2016

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