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Hiring a Personal Chef or Cook is like having your very own concierge ready to cater to your pallet. Whether you are looking for a special dietary meal by an expert nutritional chef, a simple or elegant dining experience in the comfort of your own home, or you just do not have the time or desire to plan or prepare meals, look no further. Table for one or an elaborate dinner party—call us for reservations!

"We only place Private Chefs that we would hire for our own home. With our personalized introduction process, we make it easy for you to meet and hire a candidate that's right for you."

Starla Smith
President, Household Staffing
Hire With Confidence

Hire With Confidence

Your Personal Chef-Cook for your home or business staff will be one of the best decisions you’ll make for your health and happiness. From simple needs to white glove service, our selection of professionals will work their culinary magic on a customized level for you and your unique needs. Whether blending a green smoothie, turning bitesize proteins into fun shapes for the kids, or serving delectable dinners and delights, we've got you covered.

Simply sit back and enjoy flavorful food how it's meant to be.

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Experience & Integrity

Some of our Qualified Chefs & Cooks

Chef 26323667
Chef 26323667
In my 18 years in the Food & Hospitality Industry I have taken on many roles with ever increasing responsibility to growing and more complex food service groups and systems. I am a motivated individual with a passion for this industry, good product and the people that work in it.
Cook 4828463
Cook 4828463
I have 20+ years of professional cooking and kitchen management experience with a passion for healthy, organic, artisanal farm to table cuisine with a classical French culinary education. You will enjoy my extensive knowledge and experience.
Chef 22254667
Chef 22254667
I am a Private Chef and 2nd Housekeeper with many years of experience serving multiple private estates. You can be confident in my ability to manage daily functions in the kitchen with an emphasis on flexibility in an ever changing environment.
Chef 7008263
Chef 7008263
10 years of successful experience in food service, preparing various types of gourmet food. Skilled in all kitchen equipment and various cooking technique. Committed to providing total quality service in culinary arts. Experienced and talented personal chef with a broad range of cuisine specialties to share in a variety of venues.
Cook 21114867
Cook 21114867
I have worked in restaurants and in private homes. When working in the private arena the demands more personal but I find it to be more rewarding. Prepared healthy, fresh and seasonal organic food as per given schedule. Performed amicable with personal assistant of family to develop menus every week. Managed inventory and grocery purchase.
Cook 8298163
Cook 8298163
For the past nine years, my personal pleasure has been to serve private homes, both as a chef and household manager. I love the daily creativity and problem solving required for the job. Once I get to know my principals, I can anticipate what they desire before they know it themselves.
*Private Chef-Cooks listed may already be under contract. Contact us for details. 
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The Hiring Process

We present you with up to three high-quality, verified, and pre-screened candidates to interview from our exclusive database of more than 10,000 applicants.
An in-home experience brings you one step closer to finding the right fit. A Trial*, with the intent to hire, provides clear expectations ensuring both parties a great match!
We are confident the domestic staff you've selected will be the perfect long term hire. We offer a 60-day replacement guarantee at no additional cost.*
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