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Creative Staff Recognition

Your household staff works hard every week and acknowledging a job well done goes a long way in creating loyalty and boosting employee satisfaction. A fair employee wage is part of what keeps them happy in their current role but acknowledging their efforts above and beyond their wage is a great idea.

If you’re a household employer looking for some creative ways to acknowledge your staff’s hard work, we have some great ideas.

Unexpected paid time off

Time is valuable and surprising your employees with paid time off is one of the best gifts you can give. Let your employee have a couple of days off so they can do what they want. Just be sure you give them plenty of notice, so they can make plans to visit family or friends, or plan to catch up on things that may need some forethought.

Personalized gifts

A handwritten thank you note, a digital photo frame, or artwork from the kids in your home are just some of the great ways you can acknowledge your employee. Or, create some candy baskets or decorated knickknacks that showcase your employee’s name with a personalized thank you message on it.

A special excursion

Consider giving your employee tickets to a local sporting event or concert, tickets to a theater performance or movie, or combine tickets with a gift card to a well-known restaurant. Sometimes a night out is a great way to unwind and it may not be something your employee has the time or budget to do on a regular basis.


A cash bonus is a classic way to acknowledge your employee’s hard work. Monetary gifts can be given at any time during the year but are often customary at the end of each quarter or once annually.

Social media shout-out

Today, social media is king. Doing a public acknowledgement or ‘thank you’ for your employee’s hard work via a social media platform liked LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram is a simple way to show your appreciation.
There are many ways to recognize your employee’s willingness to go above and beyond. Sometimes even the smallest gesture can go a long way in making your employees feel respected and valued.

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