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Household Staffing is a domestic placement agency serving high-caliber homes just like yours. We’re here to make your life easier when meeting and hiring help.

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Our personal attention, and individual commitment to each client has succeeded in placing nannies, nanny-housekeepers, babysitters (for after-school and weekend care), newborn care and night nannies, estate managers, executive assistants, personal chefs and more into homes just like yours. In fact, we pride ourselves on a 98.7% perfect placement performance.

We know what it takes to find great people. I do it every day and have made successful matches for families across the country for 20+ years and counting.
— Starla Smith

20+ Years of Experience

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At HouseholdStaffing, we understand that finding a qualified candidate to help your family is a process that requires careful attention to detail. Whether it’s a housekeeper, nanny, estate manager, or private chef, our experienced list of household staffing candidates have undergone a rigorous pre-employment assessment based on extensive research. You can trust your family is getting the best of the best.

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Starla Smith

Most businesses are built around products or services. It is the rare few that are built around passion. I know I cannot trust an impersonal database, another salesperson or even the recommendation of someone I know because the person I need to hire understands me and my specific needs.

For me, it is not about placement fees; it is not about searching databases or talking to salespeople. It is about learning who my clients are and translating that knowledge into action relative to finding the right household staff member for them.

This is my passion. It is what drives me every day.

I bought HouseholdStaffing after working as a lead domestic placement counselor for 13 years. Under my direction, I have taken a good service and made it great.

I think it is challenging for most of us to know exactly what we are going to do when we grow up. Though, I have to admit, when I look back on my childhood it makes perfect sense that I am running a business that centers around helping people find staff for their homes.

As a child, my favorite activity was playing “Mom” and “House” with my siblings and all of the other kids in my neighborhood. (I even won the Home Economics Award in school.) I guess you could say that even from a young age, I always valued what home meant to me. I believe this is why I can quickly understand each client’s values and, after only a short conversation, know what home means to them.

I am Starla Smith–and together with my team-we provide the personal service, the understanding, and the care that you need.

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