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Defend Your Identity: Guarding Against Job Posting Impersonators

Whenever you post a public job posting, you are taking your reputation and privacy into your own hands. With just one piece of information, impersonators or the media can figure out who and where you are. No domestic employer deserves the hostility, stress, or expense associated with doxxing, identity impersonation, or harassment.

The only way to avoid the risk is to leverage confidential job postings. These discrete and private listings can help you find domestic talent without opening you up to threats. Understanding confidential job posting best practices is crucial to hiring top talent safely.

Continue reading to learn the confidential job posting tips you need to feel secure. These are guidelines that high-net-worth individuals swear by during the domestic talent search process.

Why Leverage Confidential Job Postings?

When you are hiring domestic staff, their future workplace is your home. It is natural to want to protect not only your privacy but the privacy of your children and family as well.

While most candidates will not have malicious intent, many uncouth individuals have access to public listings. It’s best to use discretion to avoid doxxing, public safety issues, or online impersonators. Identity theft is a genuine threat that can lead to a lot of stress and frustration during mitigation. All impersonators can harm your reputation and pose unnecessary security risks.

There is no reason to open yourself up to these threats when confidential job postings are a common industry practice.

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Confidential Job Posting Example

A confidential job posting looks a lot like any other job posting. The main difference is that you should redact the employer field and all personal contact information. Likewise, keep the exact city or location vague or to a general region. If there is an email address provided, it will be a coded, anonymous, often disposable account.

Likewise, some job portals may allow you to utilize coded ID names or numbers. The portal itself will become a third party, so the job seekers will have no way to contact you directly.

How to write a job posting for a confidential portal or listing:

  • Describe the ideal candidate and their qualifications
  • Give a vague description of the setting where they will be working
  • List the job duties
  • List the minimum amount of experience you’re looking for
  • Include any unique skills or qualifications that would be nice to have

If you are posting on a public job board (such as Indeed or LinkedIn), use “Confidential” in place of the company name. Be aware that these services often have unique requirements that may bar you from posting confidentially on their platform. They also tend to have higher visibility, which opens you up to further threats.

Instead, consider keeping your entire talent search private by working with a discrete household staffing agency. Your personal information will remain confidential throughout the process.

The agency will only share job details with a very small subset of their candidate pool. You will be able to match, interview, and hire without posting a public listing. It’s the safest way to attract top talent without sacrificing privacy.

Choose Confidentiality and Discretion During Your Staff Search

When you work with Household Staffing, we will go above and beyond to keep your personal and private information secure. We reach out directly to our pre-vetted, background-checked network of top domestic candidates. We hand-select a very small pool of individuals we feel have the experience and skills you are looking for.

We keep confidentiality at the forefront in other ways, too. You have full control over when to share details with promising candidates. It is a safe and secure matching process that will eliminate security risks during your talent search.

Think of Household Staffing as a concierge service for discovering the top talent in the industry. Most employers meet and hire their ideal new staff member in under two weeks. Begin the hiring process and enjoy peace of mind during your search.

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