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Advantages of Hiring a Domestic Couple


Do you have a busy home that requires multiple household staff to help keep it running smoothly? Domestic couples are a wonderful solution for busy homes that require employees with varied experience and one-of-a-kind skills.

Wondering what kind of services domestic couples usually provide? There are a variety of different skills combinations which could include, but are not limited to:

  • Housekeeper and Gardener
  • Nanny and Estate Manager
  • Butler and Nanny
  • Personal Assistant and Housekeeper

Hiring a couple that offers diverse experience has a variety of benefits.

#1: It’s cost effective.

Instead of hiring multiple people with different salaries and benefits, hiring one couple with a joint salary can make a big difference in your overall costs. Because most domestic couples live on-site on your property, you will also not need to worry about providing more than one living space, as you would with multiple employees.

#2: They work well as a team.

Professional domestic couples are used to working together, and they enjoy it. They know each other well, support each other, and can communicate effectively to get the job done well. This helps streamline work they are doing in your home, so all of your day-to-day operations run with ease.

#3: Commitment.

Domestic couples become an essential part of your home almost immediately after beginning employment. Because of this, household employers often see a longer-term commitment from them. This gives you the peace of mind that you won’t need to start the hiring process again and that they will continue to sow into your home to keep it operating well.

#4: You will have more time.

You’re busy and running a household is a full-time job. Whether it is caring for the kids, keeping the home cleaned, or maintaining the grounds, hiring a domestic couple will give you more time that you need for your business, family, or for leisure. By delegating some or all of your household duties to a trained, experienced couple, you will be able to focus on the commitments that matter most to you.

Interested in finding a domestic couple to join your home? Contact us today to get the process started. We are ready to help you find the perfect employee match.

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