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Better Your Housekeeping Skills

There are a lot of household employers around the country who are currently looking for housekeepers to help keep their homes clean and organized.

Some of the available positions are entry-level and do not require a lot of experience. In the current market, however, many employers are looking for housekeepers who have both experience and proven skills. Ideally, qualified housekeepers also have experience working in multiple homes.

Experienced or not, it is important to highlight your housekeeping skills and continually improve upon them. Here are some tips on increasing your skills as a housekeeper.

How to Improve Your Housekeeping Skills for Your Resume

Stay up to Date on Training

When bolstering your skills for your housekeeping resume, start with training courses. Such classes can go beyond coursework on housekeeping skills and duties. Consider classes in organization, communication, and management.

There are also online programs that provide training on professional housekeeping skills. Such courses include topics on career development, professionalism on the job, deep cleaning tutorials, and more.

For executive housekeepers, consider taking courses that discuss formal and informal housekeeping techniques. Look into topics such as table settings and servings, advanced organizational skills, and managing other staff.

Update Your Resume

Make sure you highlight any advanced housekeeping qualifications on your resume. Include the skills and training that you’ve completed for cleaning and organization. Time management is also something you may want to highlight. This skill shows that you are aware of keeping your client’s timeframe and schedules in mind.

Maintain Safety Knowledge

Some products or cleaners are dangerous to work with if they are not handled properly. So, make sure you have a good understanding of equipment and cleaning products, so you adhere to all safety standards. Also, your household employer may want information on non-toxic products or make other special requests. In such cases, it is good to have a well-rounded knowledge of products that you could use per their request.

Boost Your Career With Professional Housekeeping Skills

By working on your skills as a housekeeper, you stand out from other candidates who may not have as much training or expertise. Because of this, you are more attractive to hire. You may even be able to earn higher wages than those who don’t have the experience that you do.

If you want to find a housekeeping job that matches your experience and skillset, our team at Household Staffing can help. We specialize in finding long-term employment for household employment for candidates of all kinds. Contact us today or complete your candidate registration and get the hiring process started.

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