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Application Fee

A one time non-refundable $199 application fee (the “Application Fee”) will be required paid to HouseholdStaffing.com. No additional fees are required until Client elects to employ a candidate.

Presentation of Candidates

Household Staffing will introduce potential candidates (“Candidate”) for consideration for employment by Client. Client understands and acknowledges that HouseholdStaffing.com is only an introduction service and the decision of whether to hire a particular Candidate resides solely in the absolute discretion of Client. Prior to an introduction of a Candidate to Client, Client agrees to confirm in writing that HouseholdStaffing.com introduced the Candidate to Client. A copy of this confirmation form is attached to this Introduction Agreement.

Time Limitation on Introduction

Should Client not elect to employ initial Candidate introduced to Client by HouseholdStaffing.com, HouseholdStaffing.com will arrange additional introductions. However, the obligation of HouseholdStaffing.com to introduce potential Candidates expires one year (365 days) after receipt of the Application Fee.

Placement Fees

If Client elects to employ a Candidate, Client agrees to immediately confirm this in writing and forward to HouseholdStaffing.com the non-refundable placement fee. Placement fees are adjusted to your local market. Please contact HouseholdStaffing.com to obtain a current placement fee schedule for your area.

Replacement Period

Upon written notice from Client that he/she has terminated the services of a Candidate, the replacement period will be frozen and such period shall not begin to run again until such time as the Client decides to retain the services of another Candidate. HouseholdStaffing.com will at its sole discretion make reasonable efforts according to applicable law to provide additional referrals for a maximum of two replacement Candidates to Client or (2) refund a portion of the Referral Fee to Client with no further obligation to client.

Candidate Screening

Upon receipt of confirmation in writing of a Candidate’s start date and the Placement Fee, HouseholdStaffing.com will commence on behalf of Client the following tests: Nationwide Criminal Records Investigation, The Nationwide Sex & Violent Offenders Search, and The Certified “10-Panel” Drug-Screening Test. HouseholdStaffing.com will pay for the costs of these tests. If the results from any of these tests come back positive, the Placement Fee will not be refunded, but applied towards another Candidate and the costs of the above screenings shall be paid by HouseholdStaffing. It will be the sole responsibility of the Client to review these results and determine whether or not to employ a particular Candidate based upon these results.

Release and Indemnification

Client on behalf of himself, herself or themselves and on behalf of their children or minors or others for which the services are being requested, understands agrees and releases HouseholdStaffing.com, its employees, agents, officers and directors (“Released Parties”) from any actions or causes of actions arising or relating from the introduction of a Candidate, including but not limited to, any damage or injuries sustained as a result of Client retaining the services of a Candidate prior to receiving the results of screening. HouseholdStaffing.com assumes no responsibility with respect to the compliance with federal or state laws concerning, but not limited to, the employment, immigration, residency, insurance, taxes or other legal requirements pertaining to a Candidate, all of which are the sole and exclusive responsibility of Client and for which Client agrees to indemnify the Released Parties should it incur any costs (including attorneys’ fees), fines and penalties as a result of Client retaining the services of Candidate.

Wrongful Hire of Candidate

In the event that Client employs any Candidate without electing to conduct the appropriate screening, and/or without payment of a Placement fee, or refers any Candidate to any person within a 50 mile radius of Client’s address set forth above, and fails to forward to HouseholdStaffing.com a Placement Fee, Client shall be in breach of this Introduction Agreement and Household Staffing shall be entitled to enforce all rights and remedies against Client and HouseholdStaffing.com will have no further obligation to Client under this Introduction Agreement.

Attorneys Fees

Client agrees he, she or they are responsible for all costs, including filing fees and attorneys’ fees incurred by HouseholdStaffing.com in connection with enforcing its rights under this Introduction. Agreement.

Venue, Jurisdiction and Service of Process

Client agrees that any action brought to enforce either parties rights under this Introduction Agreement shall be brought exclusively before the Court of Common Pleas, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania and irrevocably consents to the personal jurisdiction of this Court over its person to determine the rights of the respective parties under this Agreement. In addition, Client agrees that service of process is effective by certified mail addressed to the Client at the location set forth above and further consents to be governed by Pennsylvania law, without regard to choice of law principles.

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