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Personality Assessment

What We Measure

Clear, Actionable,
Backed by Science

Our pre-employment personality assessment measures personality and problem-solving traits, delivering results backed by more than 500 criterion-related validation studies.

A natural tendency to react immediately and intensely, especially when frustrated.
A natural tendency to react spontaneously and to express emotions outwardly.
A natural tendency to seek order, certainty, correctness, and precision.
A natural tendency to take initiative in order to control or influence a situation.
A natural tendency to think positively about the future, no matter what is happening.
A natural tendency to actively and consistently seek out new people to interact with.
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Recognizing Nannies

the entire month of September

A week is just not enough time to celebrate our nannies that mean so much to the families they work for. This September, we’ll be sharing some of our most talented provider’s stories, inspiration and awarding fantastic prizes each week!