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Service FAQ

General Questions

HouseholdStaffing places Live In, Live Out, Permanent, Full Time and Part Time Placements.

Candidate’s salaries are paid directly by the employer and agreed upon when the candidate accepts the position.

Household Staffing places candidates on part time or full time jobs and the hours are set by each individual family.

All of our permanent candidates are looking for long term positions.

Household Staffing will never take an individual you hire off of your job. Our goal is for the candidate to remain with you for years. Most of our clients are referred to us from their friends and family.

Household Staffing does not sell our databases to anyone. All information is kept confidential. Our website is fully secure and all information transmitted is protected using the most current 128-bit encryption and security utilizing Secure Socket Layers.

Household Staffing devotes a lot of time qualifying every candidate. We receive hundreds of calls and emails from applicants every day looking for employment and only a select few are considered for our jobs.

Candidate Search

Although Household Staffing can introduce you to candidates in as little as 3 to 10 days, most applicants are seeking immediate hire. In most cases, you should begin your search 30-60 days in advance, and be prepared to hire someone as soon as we find you the correct match.

We are capable of placing someone in your home immediately, and typically find the placement you’ll hire within 3 to 10 days. Of course, every job is different and some positions may take some time to find the most qualified individual.

Once you become an active client, Household Staffing gets to work to search our database pool of applicants. Interviews can be arranged with the candidates you have possible interest in hiring. However, our proprietary database is not accessible for our clients or general public to search.

Fees & Salary

Our current application fee for families is $199. This fee is valid for one year and is the only obligation you have with Household Staffing unless we introduce you to a suitable candidate, which you elect to employ.

Once you elect to employ a candidate, a placement fee shall be deemed earned. Contact Household Staffing for placement fee at (212) 600-2085.

As an introduction service, Household Staffing makes it easy for you to meet and hire your next domestic employee. We do not provide employee payroll or tax filing services. As a household employer, payroll tax compliance is your responsibility if you pay the worker/employee $2,300 or more in the calendar year. See our Tax Tools & Compliance page for more information.

Salaries depend on your location, job responsibilities and experience level of the candidate. Live-in can range from $1200 to $1600 per week on average for a five day a week employee.

Hourly rates depend on your location, job responsibilities and experience level of the candidate. Live-out compensation can range from $30 to $40 per hour on average.

Candidate Screening

Once you elect to employ a candidate, the balance of the candidates screenings are performed so that you have the most recent results. This is also the most cost effective way for us to run our business.

Typical results are returned within one week.

Yes, many of our clients elect to screen family relatives of the candidate they have elected to hire. We want to be certain that you know the background of everyone associated with your household. Additional fees will apply.

Our candidates have a variety of backgrounds and all currently live in the USA. Candidates are submitting applications Nationwide, which gives us the opportunity to introduce you to individuals who are also willing to relocate to your area from other states!

Most candidates have written references from former employers whom you are more than welcome to contact. Please remember, companies and employers are only required by law to verify dates of employment and wages.


You can learn each candidate’s education, experience, hobbies, personality traits and work history online prior to the interviewing process. All personal information is kept private and confidential until a hire is made.

A phone conference call is arranged with each candidate you have expressed interest in. Face to face interviews can then be scheduled.

We will replace a candidate for any reason as long as your guarantee is still valid, at no additional cost. Until another candidate is hired your guarantee is frozen*. Household Staffing aids in the success of your placement and has a 98.7% retention rate.
*Replacement guarantee is valid for 18 months from the termination date.

If you choose to offer benefits, each employee should have their own individual benefits package. Many packages include: vacation, sick & personal days, health, life, disability & workers compensation insurances, 401k, car expenses & insurance.

All of our candidates must be able to speak English fluently. If you should require a candidate who is bilingual, please notify one of our placement counselors and we will try to accommodate your needs.

We specialize in placing candidates nationwide.

Each candidate will have a different education and qualifications. We will try to coordinate this according to your families needs.

Our candidates range from ages 21-68. Maturity level and degree of responsibility are important factors when choosing a candidate.

Most of our live out candidates drive and have their own cars. Some live in candidates drive, but usually a family will provide a car for them to use for work purposes.


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