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Adapting Kids to Home Staff

The decision to bring new domestic staff into your home is an important one. It often takes a bit of time to adjust to the new employee in your home, but if you do some planning ahead of time, it can make the transition easier for your kids.

Here are three helpful tips on how to make the process go as smoothly as possible.

#1: Talk to your children about the transition

Communication is always key when it comes to an upcoming change within the household. Talk to them about the new person or people that will be working in the house, encourage them to ask questions, and ask them about their feelings about the change. This gives them an opportunity to express anything that they need while giving you the opportunity to explain or clarify anything that could cause upset or confusion down the road.

#2: Introduce them to the staff

As soon as you have found the best candidate(s) to hire, consider inviting them over for an introduction for your children before their first day of work. This is a good way for you to spend some additional time getting to know the person in a more casual environment. It also gives your children the opportunity to build rapport with the staff, which ultimately fosters stronger bonds of communication between you, your kids, and the employees in your home.

#3: Encourage communication throughout the terms of employment

As your new employee becomes familiar with your home and their new job duties, make sure you keep the doors of communication open. Having regular check-ins with them – whether it is a staff meeting or an informal chat once a week – will build mutual respect and keep the working relationship easier. Consider inviting your children to be a part of these conversations. Or think about simply asking them ahead of time for any input they have on what they think you should discuss with your staff.

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