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A Conversation with Candi Vajana from The Experienced Nanny

We recently had the honor of sitting down for a Q&A with Candi Vajana of The Experienced Nanny. Candi has over three decades of nanny experience and now helps onboard and manage nanny teams by providing one-on-one coaching and training courses for nannies. She is honored to help nannies become childcare experts.

Tell us about your business and how long you’ve worked in the nanny industry.

I started my Nursery Nursing Examination Board (N.N.E.B.) Nanny training in 1990 and finished in 1992; it was a long and intense course. It was and still is the Gold Standard for childcare, but unfortunately, this course no longer exists. This is a shame as it taught me everything I needed to know about childcare and being the best. I started working full-time as a nanny in 1992 and never stopped. I also worked other jobs, but I was always nannied on the side, evenings, holidays, etc. I retired from nannying in 2021. 2025 celebrates the 80th year since the inception of the N.N.E.B. course, and I hope to see it celebrated. The International Nanny Association (I.N.A.) nominated me the International Nanny of the Year in 2017.

What led you to where you are today?

I am one of three children in a very close-knit family. Due to my dad’s job, we moved around a lot, taking us to places like Turkey during a military coup. Growing up, my parents decided to foster a little girl. This experience confirmed in me that I wanted to work with children, but I was not sure in what capacity. My mum shared some information about nannies with me, and I looked at Norland, but it was very expensive. So, I decided to attend a college local to the U.K. offering the N.N.E.B. Course, and this was the best decision I could ever make.

Once I graduated, I took my first job in Brussels, Belgium, moved to Italy for a year, and then joined a wonderful family in Houston. I kept working as a nanny, although I took a bit of a different path with my career and started working in a school. I was responsible for the H.R. for the company, and this gave me great insight into the workings of resumes and applications and taught me some wonderful soft skills that came in handy when I went back to nannying full-time.

After a divorce, I returned to nannying. I moved back to Europe and worked in Vienna, Austria, before returning to the U.S.A. to work in California. All my experiences have made me the person I am today, the nanny I am, and hopefully, a trailblazing thought leader in the industry.

How did The Experienced Nanny start?

I started The Experienced Nanny in 2022 and have provided coaching and consulting to nannies, agencies, family offices, and families ever since.

Once I retired from nannying, I knew I wanted to continue working within the industry. I had already been coaching and mentoring nannies for years, but it was time to make it official, so I did that. I take great pleasure in helping others, and if I can help a nanny become better or think about a topic differently or a family who needs support or a different perspective, then I’m here.

I started writing blog posts, sharing my thoughts, and meeting so many wonderful nannies, families, and agency owners. It has been wonderful to be part of the industry and share my experiences. I have been welcomed with open arms and supported by my peers in more ways I can explain.

What have been some of your biggest highlights in your work running The Experienced Nanny?

Creating courses that allow me to help more nannies around the world. One-one-one is great, but helping more nannies is really where my heart is.

Being asked to speak at international events in 2024, such as Amsterdam and London, was definitely a highlight for The Experienced Nanny. My heart still skips when I see other industry leaders worldwide mention my name in posts asking for my opinion or advice on LinkedIn or other social media platforms. Uplifting others in the industry is a daily highlight; supporting each other and upholding values dear to me is probably the biggest accomplishment.

What makes your resources unique/different from other people providing similar services?

There are no other courses for nannies who want to move from nannying into high-profile/high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth nannying. I created the course because I realized so much that is not spoken about. Many nannies are hired by HP/HNW/UHNW families and then feel like there is nowhere for them to turn. Therefore, I created the Nanny M.B.A. Course, the first and only course for nannies venturing into this new realm.

Other services I offer are Nanny Coaching, 1:1 or group coaching, resume advice, and job search strategy courses. My experience, background, and training are all factors that make my course different.

Why should nannies complete your training?

Most importantly, because I teach based on experience rather than just theory. Since the topics I teach are not readily available to nannies, they should seriously consider taking part in these classes, packed with actionable information and tips that will help them in their career development. I take pride and put a lot of effort and time into what I offer my nannies; part of the course is access to me via a Facebook Group where I share a lot of information that they’ll not find anywhere else.

What benefits will families see after working with you?

Most of my clients hire me because I am decisive and clear about what is needed to bring calm to their homes, and I bring decades of experience with me. I consult with families and family offices on interviewing nannies, trialing nannies, nanny teams, training, employment (I am not an attorney), travel, wardrobe maintenance, sleep and potty training, and more. Families and family offices come to me in need of clarity regarding their nanny teams, their nanny schedules, and all sorts of issues related to nanny employment.

My strength lies in being able to assess a problem and come up with solutions that work. It may be that the schedules are not set up properly, and the team is struggling to get enough time off. It could be that the family has not communicated their needs and wants, and the nannies are struggling to understand what they are doing incorrectly.

Often, I see families interview and appoint nannies without sharing all the details of the role or hiring a nanny who is not fully prepared for the role. These nannies will not be successful in these roles because they have not been set up for success, not because they are not good at their jobs. This is when I typically step in. I schedule meetings with the principals and the nannies and come up with a plan to get things moving in the right direction. After working with me, I noticed that the biggest benefits families see are consistency, professionalism, and calm.


We want to thank Candi for taking the time to speak with us and share her story, wisdom, and resources!

To view all HNW and UHNW Nanny Training courses available through The Experienced Nanny, please visit the online courses website page.

To learn more about The Experienced Nanny and to secure Candi for consultation, speaking, and event booking, please connect with her via her website or through The Experienced Nanny Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn social media channels.


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