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How Much Do Live In Nannies Make?

The role of a nanny can be a challenging but deeply rewarding role.

Nannies are compassionate, dedicated, and detail-oriented members of a family’s household staff. They possess in-depth knowledge of child development, endless patience, and a deep love for children. A spectacular nanny is always thinking ahead and planning for the next adventure.

With that in mind, how much do live in nannies make?

The answer depends on a number of factors. These can include your level of expertise and experience, as well as your additional skills. Many live in nannies choose to work with the top employers in the domestic industry. As a result, they enjoy a generous salary and comfortable lifestyle.

If you’re seeking employment as a live in nanny, this guide will answer all of your questions about salary. Continue reading to learn what to expect to pay a live in nanny.

What Is The Average Live In Nanny Salary?

Compensation for a live in nanny can vary based on a number of factors, including:

  • The location of the property where they will be working
  • The nanny’s educational background
  • The age and number of children they are caring for
  • Their experience level (in general and with that age group)
  • The type and quality of the amenities offered to the nanny as a live in employee
  • The number of foreign languages they speak
  • Whether they are also responsible for housekeeping or other tasks
  • Whether they have additional teaching duties
  • Whether they will be traveling as part of their role

With that said, “How much do live in nannies cost?” isn’t a question with a single answer. Duties and expectations can vary between roles.

For example, newborn care specialists often work as night nurses. Their specialist knowledge and extended hours may be worthy of a higher salary. Likewise, these individuals may work with the baby’s parents to advise on lactation, bonding, development, or general care.

A nanny plays with a small boy | Household Staffing

Likewise, a family governess who has teaching duties likely brings an educational background to the table. That additional knowledge and experience is valuable and may come with a higher rate of compensation. A nanny who drops the children off at school each day might make less in comparison.

Likewise, you will likely pay a higher salary if they will be caring for multiple children. This is something you can discuss with your prospective employee while reviewing the contract.

How Much Does a Live In Nanny Cost Per Month in NYC?

Hiring a live in nanny in NYC and other high-income markets can often cost employers more. Nannies in these markets make more than the national average.

A full-time, live-in nanny in NYC with basic responsibilities makes around $5,000 per month. That rate assumes approximately 160 hands-on work hours.

If you hire an experienced, educated nanny, you can expect to pay a higher salary to compensate for the higher cost of living. The top 1% of earners tend to pay their domestic staff considerably more than this average. Most nannies also receive full benefits, access to amenities, and seasonal bonuses.

The nanny might benefit from luxurious accommodations in one of the most expensive regions in the United States. They may even get to travel with the family, too.

Higher net-worth families tend to pay more to ensure experience, professionalism, and loyalty. When working with such families, you can expect no less than $150,000 annually, plus benefits and housing.

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