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When Should I Hire Additional Household Employees?

January 24, 2021

When Should I Hire Additional Household Employees?

Your household is a busy place. Work meetings, running kids to and from various activities – it’s a place that is likely always on-the-go. Hiring household employees will help alleviate some of your own household duties, but sometimes you’ll need multiple employees to juggle the various to-dos.

#1: Let her know how important safety rules are to you

Being busy is great, but if your staff is feeling overworked and stressed, it may be time to consider hiring another employee. How do you know when you’ve reached that point?

Your current employees have too much on their plate.
If you have had your employees working overtime or they are having to stay longer to get their jobs done, this could be a sign you need to hire another person. Paying overtime can get very costly and it could be avoided if you had the right number of staff in your home. If you’re paying overtime to your employee regularly, it’s probably time to consider hiring an additional person to help lighten the load.

You need employees with different skillsets.
Most households have many moving parts. That often requires having multiple employees help run different parts of your home. For example, a private chef won’t be in charge of providing childcare. And your nanny may not have the expertise you expect from a housekeeper. For that reason, evaluate what your top needs are in your home and hire people for those specific positions. This ensures that your home has the right people in the right places, so things can run seamlessly.

You’ve noticed your current employee starting to cut corners.
Part of being a household employer is ensuring that the things in your home are completed up to your standards. If your employee is overworked, you may have noticed that they’ve needed cutting corners or they’ve started rushing through certain parts of their job so they can keep up. If you have noticed the quality of work not being up to par, you may need to readdress your home staffing needs.

We understand that finding the right household employee is important. For over two decades, we have recruited the best candidates in the industry to help meet the unique needs of our variety of household employer clients. Whether it’s a nanny, estate manager, butler, housekeeper, or someone else that you’re looking to provide service in your home, we can help find the right person. Contact us today for details on hiring household staff for your home.

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