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In the dynamic world of childhood development, where passion meets play, envision a dedicated professional who not only cares for your child but fosters a love for sports, teamwork, and personal growth. Introducing our Specialty Sport Nanny—a game-changer in the realm of childcare, ready to turn every day into a winning play!

Ready to kick-start your child’s sports journey with a winning playbook? A Specialty Sport Nanny can be the ultimate teammate in your child’s quest for sporting excellence and personal growth.

Hire a Specialty Sport Nanny

"We only place Sport Nannies that we would hire for our own home. Our personalized introduction process makes it easy for you to meet and hire the ideal specialty nanny."

Starla Smith
President, Household Staffing
Hire With Confidence

Hire With Confidence

Hiring a Specialty Sport Nanny can offer a range of unique benefits, contributing to the holistic development and well-being of your child. This unique type of nanny goes beyond traditional childcare responsibilities and incorporates sports coaching, skill development, and an emphasis on physical fitness into their caregiving approach.

Key characteristics and responsibilities of a Specialty Sport Nanny

  • Early Introduction to Sports
  • Skill Development
  • Structured Play
  • Personalized Coaching
  • Confidence Building
  • Early Exposure to Team Dynamics
  • Summer Camps and Special Events

Our Specialty Sport Nannies focus on integrating sports and physical activity into the daily routine of children.

A sport nanny hugs a smiling child on field | Household Staffing
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The Hiring Process


We begin by searching our exclusive database of more than 10,000 highly qualified applicants. We access screening questions, personal interviews, personality assessments and background research to choose ideal options.


We present you with up to three high-quality, verified, and pre-screened candidates to review and select for interview. During this formal introduction, you decide if you wish to move forward with our candidates or continue the search.


An in-home experience brings you one step closer to finding the right fit. A Trial*, with the intent to hire, provides clear expectations ensuring both parties a great match!


We are confident the domestic staff you've selected will be the perfect long term hire. We offer a 60-day replacement guarantee at no additional cost.* We often place qualified candidates in homes as quickly as 10 days.
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