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“Dear Starla,

Almost a month ago our family was shaken by the sudden and inconsiderate exit of our nanny who had been with us for eight years. I contacted your company in a rather traumatized state: as a physician on the frontlines, the LAST thing our family needed was more change! I was scared, confused, and frankly afraid to allow someone to enter our lives again and potentially hurt us all over again. Enter Melody. From the first day of speaking with her she was kind, informed, patient, funny, professional and quite honestly she was like free therapy for me. Not only was she responsive and a calming force but she was patient with my process. She was patient with my quirks and my needs.

Yesterday we found a great fit for our family, thanks to Melody. I was upset that I will no longer be calling her regularly. That is a good thing. It is rare these days to interface with a human being of this caliber. I want to let you know that Melody isn’t merely your employee she’s a community warrior. She’s a friend, a mother, and a professional angel. She softened the blow of my situation tremendously and she found a great match for our family. I want to thank you for having people like Melody on your staff (in the trenches)- and the way she speaks about you is also reflective of the credible business you run. Thank you again for helping families navigate life, one nanny at a time. Melody is a special person and deserves any and all accolades! I miss her already!”

— Caroline Fosnot & Family, Hospitality Collections LLC

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