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Nanny Certification & Training Courses: Finding The Perfect Placement

We asked some of the top domestic employers why they hired their current nanny. While some respondees cited their personality or experience level, one answer stood out above the rest.

Most top-paying household employers are looking for candidates with nanny certification. While experience was important, the willingness to go above and beyond makes a huge difference. Families are interested in hiring nannies with strong backgrounds in child development. They look for infant care certifications, education degrees, and CPR training.

Are you interested in finding a placement that is highly competent? We can help you find a placement additional nanny training courses. Keep reading to learn our top recommendations for finding a placement with further education and certification.

What Basic Qualifications Are Required to Become a Nanny in the US?

There are no formal qualifications necessary to become a nanny in the US. You do not technically need to take any nanny training courses to work in the domestic field.

With that said, most agree that the minimum requirements necessary to work as a nanny are:

  • Must be at least 18 years old at the time of hire
  • A high school diploma or GED
  • A clean criminal record
  • Some paid nannying, teaching, or babysitting experience

Most employers also ask for, at minimum, basic first aid certification. Depending on your location, they may also prefer candidates with a valid driver’s license. This may not be necessary in markets like NYC, however.

With that said, most staffing agencies are unlikely to work with underqualified or inexperienced candidates. Likewise, the top domestic employers are more likely to hire a candidate who has gone above and beyond. In addition to nanny certifications, nanny-housekeepers with additional domestic skills are in high demand.

We recommend placement with both experience and certifications.

What Nanny Certifications Are Important?

While many courses can be completed from home, they are valuable personal development tools to refine a nanny’s skillset.

Child Development Classes

You might wish to hire a nanny with a formal certification. If so, they will need a minimum of 3 credit hours in child development, childcare, or early childhood education. Some students can pursue these credits from an online college.

A nanny and child play fort underneath blankets | Household Staffing

First Aid and CPR

For many employers, first aid and CPR training are non-negotiable job requirements. Consider hiring a nanny with a Child and Infant CPR and First Aid certification. American Red Cross courses are the gold standard.

Children have unique anatomy compared to adults, which requires special treatment. If you’re hiring someone to work in your household, consider looking for a candidate with adult CPR and first aid certificates, too.

Formal Nanny Certifications

Nannies with more than a year of experience might consider pursuing a formal nanny certification. They can accomplish this through an organization such as the National Nanny Network.

In addition to the requirements above, they must pass a background check.

These organizations often allow qualified candidates to pursue specialist certifications as well. For example, some offer pathways toward newborn nanny training and certification. The requirements are more specific and rigorous but may allow you to work in a wider range of roles. Newborn care specialists can be especially valuable  to some families.

Find a Qualified Nanny with Household Staffing

Finding the appropriate candidate with nanny certifications is the first step in finding an amazing placement. The team at Household Staffing would love to help you meet a candidate who will go above and beyond in your home.

Our detail-oriented matching process ensures every client meets the right potential employees. Our domestic staff members are some of the happiest and most loyal people in the industry. Find a placement today.

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