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What to Know About Paid Sick Leave Laws

The last year has been incredibly difficult for many individuals and families around the country. The pandemic has swept through and wreaked havoc, and unfortunately, many people have gotten sick. Many people didn’t have the sick time or paid time off that they needed when they fell ill. This situation is stressful for everyone involved. That’s why you should be prepared, knowing what paid sick leave laws are there and how they work. Here are the details.

New states are establishing paid family and medical leave programs.

Washington D.C. and eight other states currently have a paid family and medical leave program. Soon, Colorado will join that list, but the program benefits do not take effect for a while. Contributions take effect in 2023, and in 2024, leave can be taken. There are a couple of states that have sick leave programs starting this year. Some specific states to take note of are as follows:

New York: household employees and other workers are allowed to take paid or unpaid sick leave beginning in January 2021. If you are a household employer paying your employee on the books, know that your employee is entitled up to 40 hours of unpaid leave. If you have five or more workers in your home, you are required to pay them for their 40 hours of leave. In New York City, household employers are required to give their employees 40 hours of paid safe and sick leave.

Massachusetts: As of January 2021, household employees can take leave through the Paid Family and Medical Leave program. Employees are entitled to up to 26 weeks of paid leave for their own health conditions (this includes managing a family while another family member is on active duty in the military, or a family member that is a covered service member).

Connecticut: Household employers can begin taking deductions from their employee’s payroll in January of this year to go toward the Paid Family and Medical Leave program. Benefits can be claimed starting in January 2022. Paid leave can be taken for having a child, adopting or fostering a child, tending to their own health concerns, or for caring for an ill or injured family member.

There are a variety of other details to consider when it comes to paid sick leave and the change in state laws. We understand that it can be a little overwhelming and confusing, too. Our team at Household Staffing can help answer your questions and also refer you to work with one of our payroll and tax partner companies. Your employee is one of your greatest household assets and ensuring that they are taken care of is important.

If you’re looking for a new household employee, we can help find the right placement for your home right away! Whether it’s a housekeeper, a nanny, a private chef, or someone else to work in your home, a qualified domestic employee will help keep your home running smoothly. Contact our team today to get the hiring process started.

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