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Questions to Ask a Household Manager Candidate

December 22, 2020
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Questions to Ask a Household Manager Candidate

Hiring a household manager is a big decision. This person has a lot of different responsibilities and finding the right person will make a big difference in how your home’s day to day operations happen. Here are some important things you should consider asking when you’re interviewing potential candidates for the position.

#1: Figure out what their management style is.

Your household manager will oversee other domestic staff in your home. You should try to get a good sense of what the person’s managerial style is before hiring them. Then, you’ll know if it will easily adapt in the role and fit together with the employees that already work in the home. You should look for someone that is a combination of polite, communicative, straightforward, and efficient.

#2: Find a candidate that is a good match for you.

It’s important that the candidate gets along well with the other employees in the home, but first and foremost, the person needs to be a good match for you. You will need to get along well together and communicate with ease. You will be interacting with the person a lot, so it is very important to choose someone that you trust and respect.

#3: Discuss the details.

When interviewing, have a list of house rules, as well as a detailed list of responsibilities and duties that you expect the household manager to follow. Getting everything out there in the beginning is crucial. This will help you discuss expectations and talk about topics that could come up later and cause frustration or confusion.

#4: Talk about home security.

Managing your estate means not only keeping your home operating efficiently, but keeping it safe, too. Ask the candidate questions about how they plan to handle security in the home, both while you’re there and while you’re not. If there are specific clarifications that you want to make about privacy policies you have in place, the interview would be a good time to discuss.

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