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Tips on Becoming a Newborn Care Specialist

If you are considering a career in caregiving and love the newborn stage of life, becoming a newborn care nanny/specialist could be a good fit for you. Here are some things to consider as you consider a career as a newborn care specialist.

You’ll need to become an expert in newborns

Families that are preparing for the arrival of a new baby are looking for an expert. They need someone to help guide them through the first few weeks and months of their baby’s life. So, you will need to invest time in becoming an expert in the newborn stage. Read – and read a lot – about newborns. There are countless books on newborns on the market today and the more you need, the more knowledge you will have to offer. Also, do what you can to gain real-life experience working with newborns. If you are just starting out in your career, find ways to work with young children. Maybe it’s volunteering in a church nursery, or it’s working as a hospital volunteer. Or perhaps it is giving some regular free time to organizations that focus on providing help for families or newborn care essentials.

Invest in your education

There are a variety of different certifications and trainings that you can take to help equip you as a newborn care specialist. A good place to start is taking the International Nanny Association Newborn Care Specialist Basic Skills Assessment online. Then, the NCS (newborn care specialist) certification is another good first step. Other specialized training you can consider after that could be infant/child CPR training and first aid. No matter what, make sure that whatever classes or certifications you complete are accredited by reputable organizations.  The more training and education you have to offer, the more attractive your resume looks to potential families. Not to mention, you may be able to ask for a bigger hourly rate with more experience and training.

Working as a newborn care specialist is a very rewarding career that allows you to support new parents, while creating a special bond with a new baby. Contact us today to learn more about how you can join our database to get placed with a family looking for a newborn nanny. We look forward to helping you find a job that you love!

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