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Private Educators Versus Tutors

As many families determine which method of education is best for their children this autumn, they may be considering what the differences are between tutors and private educators. Both professionals will help students master the knowledge they need to do well in school and advance to the next grade.

We know that your goal is to find the best solution in keeping your children learning new concepts. Here are some key distinctions between tutors and private educators.


Private educators will have a college degree in elementary or secondary education. Many of them also have master’s degrees and they often have hands-on experience working as teachers in the traditional classroom setting. They must undergo training during the year to maintain state licensing requirements, as well. Tutors on the other hand may have college degrees, but it is not required. They also do not usually have to undergo state licensure, but they often have experience teaching, either as a substitute teacher or in other private homes.


Private educators will introduce and teach new subjects and concepts to their students. They will create lesson plans that work through the whole academic year, grade papers, and develop extracurricular learning opportunities that help lay the groundwork for the subsequent school years. Tutors, however, provide additional assistance in a student’s studies when they are struggling with specific concepts that they have already been taught. For example, many times math tutors will enter the picture after the school day is over to help reinforce concepts that teachers are already working on. They help with problem solving and offer other tools that help students grasp skills that they are struggling with.

As families head into the fall, many will be faced with juggling work and non-traditional learning environments for their kids. Some may be considering setting up an educational co-op environment where a private educator is hired to provide in-home instruction for that group. Others will be hiring private educators and tutors to offer one-on-one instruction through the year.

Whatever you decide is best for your children and their specific needs, our team at Household Staffing can help place private educators and tutors in your home. Contact us today to get the hiring process started so you can head into fall with confidence.

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