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This personalized learning approach is fast becoming the standard in today’s uncertain times. We can help your child advance without skipping a beat.

Private Educator

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the world as we know it. As many parents look at the upcoming fall months and the transition back to school, they are facing the reality that on-site schooling may not happen. Some school districts in states across the county have already determined that remote learning will be the new normal for the next school year. But what if this isn’t ideal for your child or your family’s work schedule? Your children’s educational experience is critical to their growth and hiring a private educator can be one way to ensure their scholastic success.

Why you should hire a Private Educator

Household Staffing can help. We have private educators with a diverse range of educational experience, including full-time teachers with classroom experience, homeschool teachers, and tutors. Most are well seasoned and practice modern education styles that include Montessori, Waldorf, and Unschooling methods.

Private Teachers we place with families are educated and seasoned. We require a minimum Bachelor’s in Education (or similar), current State Certificate, and 1 year of educational classroom experience.

Private Tutors we place with families are preferred when holding certified instructional training, certificates, and education. We require a minimum of 1 year tutoring experience.

If you are looking for a Nanny Teacher/Tutor, we can help!

Whether considering a Full Time Private Educator, setting up an educational co-op environment, or hiring a private tutor to offer one-on-one instruction throughout the year–our educators have the training and experience you are looking for.

Why Household Staffing?

Established for over 20 years, our domestic staff recruiting process has a first-class reputation among our clientele through our personalized service and attention focused on you and your needs. Reliability and Efficiency: experienced in placing top quality household staff within private homes across the country.

We make the hiring process easy! Every candidate placement includes:

  • A single, dedicated Placement Counselor who will be with you though the entire interviewing and hiring process
  • An active job profile seen by millions of targeted, qualified candidates, and custom recruitment across all Household Staffing networks
  • Detailed candidate profiles that address your specific needs and preferences–weighted with our industry leading Personality Profile (Learn More)
  • An extensive screening process that includes one-on-one reference verification, internet & social media screening, and live video interview
  • Guidance on appropriate scheduling practices, compensation negotiation, employment agreements, and in-home employer Federal and State Tax remittance/liability services
  • Nationwide background check and qualified education confirmation (candidate background checks are requested when an offer of employment has been presented and accepted)

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Some of our Qualified Professionals

Candidate HSNTT00815

I am educated in developmental psychology, as well as a vast educational background and training in early childhood education. I pride myself on establishing an organized schedule that meets the emotional/educational needs of the child, as well as ample flexibility for the child’s family. With 10 years of care experience, I am an expert in my filed therefore providing exceptional childcare. I am adaptable, adventurous, soft spoken, creative and athletic. I work well with any family dynamic.


Candidate HSNTT00825

Dedicated, experienced kindergarten and first grade educator, devoted to meeting the differing emotional and learning needs of each student. Successful in establishing trust, encouraging academic risk taking, fostering resilience, and celebrating mistakes as part of learning – all within an emotionally safe learning environment, coupled with excellent classroom management.

My prior experience of working as a Kindergarten teacher and a home school teacher has enabled me to gain a secure and solid understanding of children’s educational development. I work to  find  fun creative ways to inspire and teach English and to develop the children’s skills in Math, Science and the world around them. I find it highly rewarding to teach and nurture young children motivating them into confident learners. I aim to create a warm, stimulating learning environment in which your children thrive, fulfill their potential and develop independence.


Candidate HSNTT00835

As a teacher with over ten years’ experience, I have had the amazing opportunity to inspire and educate so many students, which I will remain forever grateful for. However, when I think back to my experience as being a Nanny there is no comparison to the special bond that is formed when you become part of someone’s family. I have come to realized that having the privilege of caring for someone else’s children in such an intricate and personal way is more satisfying and rewarding than teaching in a classroom.

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