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Your Online Presence

Are you planning to look for a new domestic staffing job this spring? In addition to revising your resume and getting updated letters of recommendations, it is important to take a close look at your online presence. Here are a few important things to keep in mind.

Search your name online

Families care about their privacy and safety. So, when they are looking to hire someone to work in their home, they need to trust that person and feel confident that the person is exactly who they say they are. With the internet guiding almost everything today, families will most definitely do their research about you online. That means they will likely do a Google search of your name and see what comes up. They will also check out social media profiles and LinkedIn pages to get some background on you. So, do an online search and fix, delete, or update anything that may cause a potential employer concern. This includes removing photos, posts or other affiliations that could raise a red flag.

Maintain consistency

Make sure your resume matches whatever professional profile you have online, including what you have outlined with your domestic staffing agency. Consistency is important. To highlight your professionalism and expertise, outline your education, industry experience, salary expectations, certifications, and have your list of references outlined or readily available.

Always show your professional, positive attitude

You should always avoid taking out your frustration or talking about past employers negatively online. Public forums, Facebook groups, and posts can be accessed somewhat easily, so it’s always best to maintain a professional online presence that won’t come back to bite you when you were least expecting it.

If you are looking for your dream job that aligns with your training and previous work experience, we can help. For more than two decades, we have worked with families and household staffing professionals ranging from nannies, housekeepers, estate managers, personal assistants, and more. We take the time to get to know your specific job requirements and help place you with a family that will be a long-term match. Call our team at Household Staffing today to learn more to learn about job placements.

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