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Chief of Staff: Household Efficiency

A chief of staff is an important role for any high-net-worth family or individual. This position – sometimes also referred to as an estate manager – is responsible for all the inner workings of the household, including managing the staff. If there are multiple estates, the chief of staff will also oversee those as well.

Every home is unique, so there is not a one-size-fits-all description for a chief of staff position. Each estate has different needs, schedules, and staff, so the person that works in this role will need to adapt as needed.

A qualified chief of staff must be very detail-oriented, flexible, and be able to deal with managing different people both in and outside of the home. Some of the most common chief of staff duties include:

-Party and event planning
-Hiring and supervising other employees (nannies, chefs, groundskeepers, etc.)
-Managing private jets, yachts, or helicopters
-Creating training manuals for other household staff
-Creating work schedules for household staff
-Supervising construction, renovations, other home maintenance appointments
-Overseeing vacation planning
-Wealth management
-Media relations
-Managing calendars
-Coordinating philanthropic efforts
-Generating monthly reports
-Overseeing household inventory and financial assets
-Working with private security, business managers, lawyers

The chief of staff position is very demanding. It requires complete dedication to the principal and/or family and it often involves working long hours. It also requires a lot of flexibility, a natural ability to lead, and a calm demeanor that can handle changes and stressful situations with tact and discretion. Many chief of staff positions require the potential employee to have a business degree or training/certification in leadership, project management or conflict resolution.

Having a chief of staff serve as your right-hand person means you have someone you can trust to manage some of your most important day-to-day duties and issues. Ready to start the process to find a reliable and trustworthy chief of staff professional to oversee your estate? For over two decades, we have helped place qualified candidates in homes around the country. Call us today tell us more about what you’re looking for, and we’ll work to find the right match with precision and efficiency.

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