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Ways Thank Your Staff This Holiday Season

The holiday season is a common time for employers to acknowledge their employee’s hard work over the year. Recognizing a job well done is part of what builds trust and loyalty with your employees, so with 2021 coming to a close, here are some unique ways to thank your household staff.

Paid time off

Giving the gift of time is one of the best things you can do as an employer. Paid time off is one of the ways to do that. Whether it’s a personal chef, housekeeper, nanny, or someone else that works in your home regularly, surprising them with a couple of paid days off is a wonderful surprise. Make sure to give them some advance notice, in case they want to spend time with friends or family, or they want to travel somewhere that requires some forethought.

A raise or year-end bonus

Planning to provide a year-end bonus to your employee? Consider giving them a boost in pay at the beginning of the year as part of that gift. Paying your employee fairly is important, so if it has been a while since you have given them a raise, consider doing that soon. Offering fair pay and quality benefits are two of the most important ways you can reduce employee turnover and keep your household employee loyal to your family and their role with you.

Heartfelt gifts

Personalized gifts are always meaningful. They show that you care. For example, if you have a nanny, have your kids write or draw a special note for her to tell her thank you for her work. For other household staff, take note of their interests or hobbies and gift them accordingly. Or, if you know that someone on your staff has family or friends in another city or state, consider giving them an airline gift certificate to help make a trip happen to see them. Taking time to get to know your staff and what’s important to them is something that speaks volumes.

Whether it’s a grand gesture, or a small note of thanks, a genuine ‘thank you’ to your employees makes them feel valued and appreciated. It also forges a stronger bond and builds stronger job satisfaction on their part. Considering hiring more staff for your home in the coming year? Let us help find the right people for you! We have more than two decades of placing experienced staff members in homes around the country, so contact us today!

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