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Considering a Night Nurse?

If you have a baby on the way, you are likely experiencing lots of emotions. You might feel excited and nervous at the same time! As you plan or baby’s arrival, there are many things to consider – what will your new little addition be like? How will the baby change our routine? Do we have everything that the baby will need?

Babies require a lot of care and attention and sometimes, new parents can feel overwhelmed and exhausted after being on call all the time. That’s where hiring an experienced and specially trained night nurse, also known as a nighttime nanny, can be incredibly beneficial.

What does a nighttime nanny do?

Your nighttime nanny’s priority is to make sure the baby is taken care of while you sleep. The nanny will ensure the baby stays on the schedule you provide with the proper feeding and sleep routine and will comfort the baby if it’s upset. Knowing that your newborn is in loving hands while you rest can help minimize your anxiety and help you get the rest you need to feel energized. These nannies are often specially trained in infant care and can often help with questions that might arise as you navigate the new world of parenthood. Sometimes they can provide breastfeeding or bottle-feeding tips or have tricks about how to keep the baby on a sleep routine. Some night nurses also help with laundry or other household to-dos while you rest.

Nighttime nannies can work all night or just part of the night, depending on your specific family needs. But regardless, their knowledge and expertise with infants can serve as a resource for you and help give you the extra hand you need to relax, unwind, and take care of your body.

There’s no doubt about it: nighttime nannies are an invaluable addition to any home with a new baby. If you are considering hiring a night nurse, contact our experienced team at Household Staffing to start the process. We’ll work with you to find the right person that meets your specific family needs.

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