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Why you should hire a private educator

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the world as we know it. As many parents look at the upcoming fall months and the transition back to school, they are facing the reality that on-site schooling may not happen. Some school districts in states across the county have already determined that remote learning will be the new normal for the next school year. But what if this isn’t ideal for your child or your family’s work schedule?

Your children’s educational experience is critical to their growth and hiring a private educator can be one way to ensure their scholastic success. Here are some reasons why you should consider hiring a private teacher to help bridge the gap in traditional schooling this year.

#1: Private educators allow kids more control in their educational endeavors.

Private education gives children an authentic learning experience that is tailored to their individual personalities and interests. Kids can interact with the private educator to come up with some creative ways to complete school assignments, lessons, or labs. They can be hands-on with their education and are given the tools to not just pass an exam, but to also pursue knowledge through curiosity. This is a lifelong skill that can reap great rewards as they become adults.

#2: Private education allows for individualized attention.

Traditional classrooms are often full of kids with differing abilities. Sometimes, kids can become distracted and disinterested with school, simply because of the variety of other people that are around them that may be pulling their attention away from the teacher’s lessons. A private educator will attend to only your child during the day. This eliminates distractions and gives your child the opportunity to ask questions as needed. Many parents see remarkable growth in their children’s schoolwork and overall aptitude for different subjects after working with a one-on-one instructor.

#3: Private education allows for a more flexible schedule.

Schedules for school are stringent. Private education, however, gives you more control over the learning time. For example, if your children struggle with getting up for school early in the morning, consider hiring an in-home educator that will start schooling a bit later in the morning. Or perhaps your child has specific skills and abilities in sports or music, and they require additional practice that needs to be accounted for. You can work with your private educator to create a schedule that is more flexible and non-standard.

#4: Private education gives you the peace of mind you need.

Experts believe that the pandemic is far from over. That means people around the country are feeling anxious about how to keep themselves and their children protected. Eliminating exposure to viruses or bacteria in the classroom by hiring one person to come into your home and teach your child will give you the peace of mind you are looking for. Not only will it likely be safer, but it will also give reassurance that they are getting an outstanding education.

Whether you’re looking for a long-term educator or someone to help fill the gap this school year as the pandemic continues to disrupt, we can help! We can find and place an educator that has the experience and training that you are looking for.

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