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What New Parents Should Know About Hiring a Nanny

If you are planning to hire a nanny for the first time, there are likely a lot of emotions surrounding that. You may feel excited that you will have an extra hand around the house to help with childcare, but you might also feel nervous about finding a compassionate, experienced, and qualified nanny. Determining the right childcare solution can be stressful at first, simply because it feels like a big job to find the perfect person to care for your children.

Not sure where you should begin?

Here are some important things or new parents to know about hiring a nanny.

#1: Consider the schedule.

The first thing to decide when you hire a nanny is how often you need the person to work. Do you need a person to work just a few hours each day, or does your schedule require a full-time employee? Consider after school activities, nap schedules for your baby, school drop off and pick up times, and any travel that you may need to do for work. All these things will factor into how much time the nanny will work.

#2: Determine specialties you’re looking for.

Not all nannies have the same experience or specialties. In other words, some nannies undergo specific training and certification to become specialized in certain areas. For example, newborn care specialists are nannies that have completed specific training or have worked specifically in infant care. These individuals often have special tips and tricks related to sleep, feeding, or other newborn-specific information that can be helpful for new parents navigating their role.

#3: Establish a budget.

Consider what your budget will be before you start the hiring and interview process for a nanny. Newer nannies starting out in their career may be less expensive, but their skills may be more limited. More experienced nannies may have a higher rate, but you may want to rely on their expertise, depending on your situation or household needs. Set a salary range that works with your budget.

It’s also important to note that hiring a nanny means you’re hiring an employee in your home. You are required to pay that person legally with proper taxes withheld. They are not independent contractors that can complete work on their own time. Be sure you consider this when you’re coming up with salary and benefits information.

#4: Know your essentials.

When you’re looking to hire someone to work with your children, you’ll need to determine what your ‘haves and have nots’ are. For example, do you want someone with a college degree? Do you require someone with a minimum number of years’ experience or someone who is bilingual? Also, consider your lifestyle and family values, so you can find someone that aligns with those as much as possible. Know what you want from the get-go, so you can create an effective job description that attracts the right candidates.

#5: Take your time.

Each nanny has a unique personality. So, when you’re reviewing candidate profiles or interviewing them, be sure not to rush through the process. Consider their background, experience, and references, but also try to ask questions that help you get to know them a bit as a person. This will help you find a great match – the first time.

#6: Create a work agreement.

Once you have found the right nanny, make sure you come up with a written work agreement that includes all the details of their employment with you. This will include a description of job duties, wage details, payment schedule, benefits information, privacy facts, a termination clause, and anything else that you deem pertinent to your employee’s work with you.

Are you a new parent who’s ready to take the first step toward hiring the right nanny for your home? Let our team help you! We will work with you to learn more about your specific household needs, create a job description, then screen candidates and introduce you to the top individuals that meet your criteria. We look forward to helping you find the perfect nanny match!

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