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Nannies with College Degrees: Why They’re Valuable

February 21, 2019
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Many families around the country are looking for a qualified nanny to work in their home and provide care for their children. But a nanny that has experience plus a college degree often has an advantage over those that have not completed college. While experience working with children is valuable and important to have, nannies that have more education can oftentimes bring more to the table. Here’s how.

#1: They can help teach your kids.

A college educated nanny will oftentimes be willing to help teach and tutor the kids that they are responsible for in your home. They will often embrace the opportunity to work with children on various projects, including one-on-one time working with them on homework or special assignments. For younger kids that haven’t yet entered school, an educated nanny may also be willing to create lesson plans and other hands on activities that can give your kids educational tools and skills that can be taken into the classroom when they officially start school.

#2: They bring real world experience.

College is rigorous and requires commitment and hard work. A nanny that has graduated with a degree in hand shows that she dedicated herself to her cause and came out in the end with success. This experience in college demonstrates that she could be willing to commit to your family in the same way – with a pledge to do her best.

#3: They have job satisfaction being a nanny.

Individuals who have chosen to be a nanny for their career usually choose that path because they love it. That level of job satisfaction usually means they will give their very best to your family. A nanny enjoys watching children develop into curious, thoughtful, and emotionally aware people and for that, she will love coming to work and taking the victories and challenges that happen each day as they come.

College educated nannies could be of great value to your home. We have a variety of nannies that have both education and experience and would love to work with you. Contact us today for information on how to get the right nanny placed in your home!

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