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Reasons to Have a Nanny Contract

If you’re hiring a nanny this year, you know what a big decision this is for your family. You will need to find someone that not only has the experience you’re looking for, but someone who connects with your family and your kids in a special way. Once you have found the right nanny to hire, you’ll need to make sure you both understand the various details about the job. Not sure how to do that? A nanny contract is the best option.

What a nanny contract should include

  • Work schedule information
    • Employment start date
    • Days of the week she’ll work
    • Start and end times of each shift
    • Total amount of hours per week
  • Pay and benefit details
    • Hourly rate or yearly salary
    • Overtime pay rates
    • Weekly compensation rate
    • Health insurance information
    • Reimbursement details (mileage, cell phone, etc)
  • Holidays
    • Paid and unpaid holidays
    • Paid vacation days
  • Job specific details or rules
    • Job duties & explanation of job description
    • Factors that are cause for immediate termination
    • Other details that are specific to your home (ie. nap schedule information, school pick-up schedule details, etc)

Once you have everything outlined in your nanny contract, make sure you and your new employee get all of the appropriate tax forms filled out. This will ensure you are withholding the proper amount of taxes so there are no surprises later. As a household employer, you are required to make sure social security, Medicare, federal unemployment, and state unemployment and disability insurance taxes are taken out of each paycheck. Many of our customers work with payroll and tax specialists to handle this part of the employment, as it can get tricky.

Want to start your search for the right nanny for your home? Contact our experienced team at Household Staffing today to get the search process started!

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