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The Ranch Manager

A ranch manager plays an important role in the life of a ranch. Whether it’s a small, medium, or large working ranch or farm, this person is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the property.

Ranch Manager Duties

Ranch managers oversee raising and caring for the animals that are at the ranch, and in some cases, they manage the slaughtering of livestock. Most ranches have a variety of farming equipment, machinery, and animal shelters/barns, and the ranch manager will need to be familiar with operating these and maintaining them to ensure they work safely and reliably. Some ranch hands will also need to manage greenhouses, gardens, areas of timber development, nurseries, or other agricultural operations. If the ranch is large and there are other staff working on the land, a ranch manager will likely be required to hire, train, or manage employees.

Ranch Manager Training Requirements

Ranch owners often want to hire a ranch manager that has hands on experience working on farms of various kinds and sizes. A lot of times, ranch managers get their start serving as a ranch hand or they gain experience working on a family farm. Farm and ranch work is hard work, and a ranch manager needs to be willing to step in and do different jobs as they arise. They must be familiar with working outdoors in different types of weather conditions, and must be okay with working with large livestock, such as horses and cows. Most of the time, ranch managers work full time, often beginning work early in the morning, as the animals and property need to be maintained every day, year-round.

Formal education is not usually required but depending on the type of ranch and the work that’s done there, ranch owners may require their ranch hands to have training, certification, or even degrees in animal science, environmental science, farm management, or agricultural science.  This is especially helpful for ranches that have more complex operations, including those that produce or package products, or must comply with various government regulations.

If you are looking for a qualified ranch manager to oversee the operations of your working ranch, or if you are looking to find a position as a ranch manager, our team at Household Staffing can help. Call us today to learn more!

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