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Software for Estate Management

Estate managers that oversee busy households have a lot to juggle every day. Long gone are the days of keeping track of things on a piece of paper or in a journal. Using the right software will keep your tasks managed well, which will ultimately help things run more smoothly. Here are three of the most common applications to consider.


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Filling a gap in household management

Bring your house manual to life in an interactive platform that can keep up with you, and get expert services whenever you need help. Nines is built for discerning households and the private service professionals who support them.

Principals, estate managers, and household staff all share one simple goal: to create an environment where everyone can live with ease.

But many households lack the support and technology they need to run smoothly. Nines is built specifically for your household, so you can stop wasting time with endless text threads and too many spreadsheets. Whether you need to set daily checklists for your housekeeper or log interactions with vendors, Nines handles the details, so you can focus on what’s important.

Plus, our expert support team and Easemakers community for private service professionals help you learn from people who’ve been in your shoes, and give you backup to turn to when you need help with household challenges.


This is an easy-to-use software that offers robust accounting and reporting feature that can help capture transactions made for the home, in addition to a portal for managing vendors at the home. For maintenance, use the portal for smart bill entry, work order management, utility management, in-house maintenance, and more. If you plan on hiring more staff for the home, you can use AppFolio for staffing and training purposes. If you manage more than one home for a client, this software is ideal for that.

Latitude 365

Record and track expenses, have large purchases approved, report to the owner about what’s going on in the home, and more. All data can be entered into the software and exported to Excel for easy use. This is a popular program for estate managers that also oversee yacht management, as it allows you to work offline. It is easy to use and provides transparency and real time updates for the estate or yacht owner.

Talk to the estate owner to determine which option is the best for your specific situation. Sometimes keeping it simple with a spreadsheet and shared online calendar is the easiest method of keeping the estate running smoothly. Other times, you may need to collaborate to determine what other moving parts need to be added into your management tools. The most important thing to keep in mind is that organization is key.

An estate manager’s services and skills are invaluable to a home, and using the right software is a step in the right direction to ensuring everything is completed accurately, on time and on budget.

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