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Live In Housekeeper vs. Live Out Housekeeper

March 13, 2019
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When it comes to hiring a housekeeper, you will find that there are two types: those who live in and those who live out. The needs of your home will affect which choice is the right one for you. Before you determine which one will work best, consider some of these important points. These can help make your decision.

#1: Your lifestyle.

Are you home a lot or are you away traveling and leave your home unattended for significant periods of time? If you are away often, hiring a live-in housekeeper could be a great option. They will not only work on keeping your home clean while you’re gone, but they can also keep your home attended in your absence, which will help you know that your home is being attended to 24/7 while you’re gone.

#2: Work hours.

Do you have enough work to keep a live-in housekeeper busy full time? If you only need someone part time or less than 40 hours a week, then it is a better option to hire a live-out housekeeper that could work less.

#3: Environment.

Do you have the space in your home to offer a private area for a live-in housekeeper? If you don’t, you likely won’t be able to offer this sort of accommodation. This space could be a bedroom, a basement apartment, detached garage or annex space with a bedroom and bathroom, or a floor of the home.

#4: Flexibility.

Most of the time, housekeeper candidates will have a preference on what they are looking for regarding living on the premises or not. Housekeepers that live out may have a family to take care of that they want to live with regularly, whereas a live-in housekeeper may have more flexibility. Live-in housekeepers are generally able to take on more hours if needed, whereas a live-out housekeeper may not have that option as much because they may be juggling other work or family obligations.

Live-in housekeepers and live-out housekeepers each have their own advantages, so it really boils down to which style is right for you. Our team at Household Staffing has a variety of experienced live-in and live-out nannies available to start work right away! Contact us today to find a candidate that is right for you.

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