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What to Look for When Hiring a Nanny Housekeeper

January 31, 2019
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What-to-Look-for-When-Hiring-a-Nanny-Housekeeper-Household Staffing

Hiring someone to work in your home is a very personal decision and something that requires a lot of research and planning. If you are considering hiring a nanny housekeeper, here are some of the main things you should love for.

Good references

When you are looking to hire someone to work in your home, especially in close contact with your children, you will need to be sure that you check all of the applicant’s references to ensure that they validate that the candidate is qualified. Be sure to ask for multiple references, too. It is important to talk to all of the references listed to make sure that they all say similar things about the person. This is a crucial step in the interview and hiring process and should not be overlooked or skipped.


Know what you’re looking for when it comes to hiring a nanny housekeeper and make sure that the applicant’s work history lines up with the specific needs that you have in your household. If you are okay with training somebody or hiring someone that has little experience, be sure you communicate that they must be willing to take advice and undergo training. Experience is a valuable component to establishing trust in your new household employee.


You can tell if someone loves their line of work. When you’re interviewing candidates, pay attention to how they talk about their past jobs and take note on if their passion for working with families shines through. Do they talk about children in a way that honors and respects them? Do they talk about housework with disgust or do they show excitement about new ways that they can help your home run more smoothly? Pay attention to the words and body language that the applicant uses to get a sense of if they love their career or not.

If you’re ready to hire a nanny housekeeper for your home, we can help you find the perfect fit! We have lots of qualified applicants that are ready to start work, so contact us today to get the process started!

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