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How to Effectively Organize Children’s Clutter

April 12, 2019


Kids are usually full of energy and excitement – they play, run around, and drop things wherever they go, leaving a hurricane of messes behind them. Whether it’s arts and crafts, toys of all shapes and sizes, or clothing strewn about, if you are around kids, you know how their things accumulate quickly. Here are some helpful tips on how to effectively organize kid clutter.

#1: Determine what’s used and what’s not.

Watch closely at which things your kids play with on a regular basis. If there are games, toys, stuffed animals, or other craft items that your kids simply don’t play with anymore, set them aside. They can be donated or sold at a garage sale, or even boxed up in a large container for use later. This might take a bit of time to start sorting through but try to do a little bit at a time so you can start noticing a dent in the clutter.

#2: Designate a play area.

If you don’t have a dedicated playroom in your home, don’t fret. Toys do need a place to live, however. Maybe it’s a corner of the closet or in a shelf with boxes in a section of the bedroom, or a couple of baskets in the living room. If toys have a place to stay when they are not being used, there is less chance of having them being moved or lost around all areas of the house. Be sure to have one specific spot where they return. Invest in the right storage pieces, ensuring that they are versatile and big enough to store the items.

#3: Involve your kids in the declutter process.

While it’s tempting to purge everything while the kids are outside playing or while they are at school because it might be faster to do the clean up yourself, it’s important to include your kids in the process. This will provide a teachable moment, where they can put their hands to a task and learn how to stay organized. Teach them that you are their partner in the clean up and that you want them to have a voice on where the toys go and which ones need to be kept, sold, or donated.

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