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What to Include in Your Benefits Package

Offering a competitive wage, along with a robust benefits package, is one of the best ways to attract and retain a quality household employee. While healthcare benefits and paid time off are a key part of a good benefits package, there are other benefits that household employers consider, too.

Retirement benefits

Planning and preparing for retirement can be exciting and overwhelming. But when you have an employer that cares enough to prioritize your long-term future with a 401K plan, employees find this to be a huge advantage in accepting household positions. It shows that you care about your employee’s future and that you are committed to helping them create a secure retirement future when that time comes. There are a few options out there, including a 401K or an individual retirement account, but it’s important to talk to a financial planning professional to determine which one is best for your situation.

Training or educational reimbursement

Seminars, conferences, training, or other educational classes or courses that help them develop professionally are important. Consider reimbursing them for these, so they can continue to become a more well-rounded and informed professional in their field. The skills or tools they learn there can also help them make more meaningful contributions to your home and family, which is a win for all.

Another thing to consider is providing payments on your employee’s student loans. This could be monthly, or in one lump sum.

Regular bonuses

Consider providing bonuses for your employee throughout the year, rather than just once a year around the holidays. These are a major encouragement to your employee and lets them know that you appreciate – and see – their hard work. Whether it’s a gift card, additional paid time off, or a lump sum in cash, bonuses are a great benefit option.

Spend some time thinking about what benefits are out there and what works for your employee’s position. A strong benefits package, along with respect and clearly outlined duties, helps build loyalty and establishes a positive working relationship for the long term.

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