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The Role of a Qualified Caregiver for the Elderly

Personal appearance and hygiene Personal appearance and proper hygiene are of great importance to most older adults, but certain aspects of each can be a real challenge for many of them. A qualified caregiver has the training and skills to assist in dressing those who may have difficulty completing the task. Additionally, they can help… Read more »

December 1, 2016

What is an Estate Manager?

Primary responsibilities Estate manager is the top position title within private service and, as such, they serve as the top level in the household staff. As the name suggests, their job revolves around management rather than providing services.  There is a unique combination of skills required to do this job at a high level. Their… Read more »

November 25, 2016

Black Friday Shopping Strategy

Make a plan Having a plan in place is essential to making the most out of your spending spree.  The first thing we recommend is to decide on a budget that you can stick to while making your purchases. Once you’ve established a budget for your Black Friday shopping trip, it’s time to do some… Read more »

November 16, 2016

Tips for Hosting Thanksgiving

So how can you go about pulling off a great Thanksgiving for you and your loved ones? Our tips for hosting Thanksgiving in this blog will give you the answers you need to be a successful host or hostess. Plan ahead One of the main things you can do to prepare for hosting Thanksgiving is… Read more »

November 11, 2016

Why Hire a Personal Holiday Chef?

Today, we are giving you a sneak peek into one of the best kept secrets to a stress-free holiday as we discuss reasons to hire a personal holiday chef. More time One of the reasons this time of year is so special to all of us is that the holidays are a great avenue for… Read more »

November 2, 2016

8 Amazing Things a Personal Assistant Does for You

Hiring a personal assistant Gives you the opportunity to focus on the big tasks for your business We get it. Owning a business comes with a lot of little tedious tasks that you simply don’t have time for or are undesirable to you. No one starts a business to file new hire reports or manage… Read more »

October 19, 2016

The Organized Playroom

Clean Up at the End of Each Playtime This may seem like a simple, no-brainer tip but, sometimes when you are running out the door to swimming lessons or are ready to eat, it’s incredibly easy to leave the playroom as it is. Instead of waiting to pick it up at the end of each… Read more »

October 15, 2016

When the Nanny Has To Discipline

Punishment, Discipline & Correction Both punishment and discipline involve, well, punishment. Correction on the other hand has to do with setting things right. To put it in simple terms, if the living room is a mess, the room needs cleaning. It is our task to guide children in our care through that process. We need… Read more »

Tags: , | May 26, 2016

Protect Your Child From Nanny Abuse

A recent client hired HouseholdStaffing.com to replace their in home nanny who served them without incident for many years. When they revealed the reason for the new placement, we were shocked! We feel it’s vital to bring awareness to this devastating situation that could happen to anyone. If you suspect your child is experiencing abuse,… Read more »

May 2, 2016

Nanny vs. Day Care: Weighing Your Options

Would your child thrive in an environment with more people, or would your child fare better with one-on-one attention?  The thing to keep in mind is that both day care AND nanny services are excellent options and that choosing one or the other does not determine your value as a parent.  Below we’ve listed some… Read more »

Tags: , , | February 26, 2016

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