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Hiring someone to work in your home is a personal decision that requires careful planning and a thorough interview process. Once you have narrowed down a few candidates to meet, it is important to make sure you get to know the person as much as possible during the interview process. That requires doing your research ahead of time and asking the right questions when you meet in-person. Here are some tips on how to interview household employee candidates most effectively.

Ask the right questions

Before you call the candidate for an interview, narrow down exactly what you’re looking for in a household employee. What tasks will they be required to do? Does their resume showcase that experience? Talk about their experience and ask them to provide an example of work they’ve done previously that demonstrates skill in the area you’re looking for. When you contact the person for an interview, you can even consider letting them know ahead of time what you plan on asking, so they are less stressed and more comfortable during the interview.

Ask how they would handle real-life situations

Chances are, there are no two days the same inside your busy household. So, your household employee should be prepared to handle different things that come their way. So, ask questions that allow you to discern how the person would process situations that come up. For example, for a potential nanny, explain how they would solve a specific problem with the children, or for an estate manager, discuss what they would do in a certain situation that could arise while managing the team of staff at the home.

Be sure you describe the job in as honest of a way as possible

If the interview is going well and you think the candidate could be your top choice, spend some time describing the job and ‘selling’ it. Give them the opportunity to really picture what it would be like working in the position, so if you do end up offering the job, they know what they are saying yes to.

When you work with Household Staffing, we provide you up to three top-quality, verified, and pre-screened candidates to interview. You can also have an in-home trial to ensure the person you’ve chosen is the right fit.  If you need to find a replacement employee, we provide a 60-day replacement guarantee. Call us today to start the hiring process!

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