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Nanny vs. Newborn Care Specialist

Planning to hire a nanny for your home? Or perhaps you are considering hiring someone that works only with babies and has the extra training needed for that. Here are some key differences to keep in mind between a nanny and newborn care specialist (NCS), so you are sure about which one is right for your family.

A newborn care specialist, also known as an infant care specialist or baby nurse, is a professional childcare provider that helps in all aspects of newborn care. They can live in or out of the home and many of them can help provide overnight care, as well. The primary role of this person is to help new parents find their footing with the new baby in their home. A NCS will educate the parents and provide tips on how to get their baby on a sleep or feeding routine, can help provide an extra hand in feeding, changing, or holding the baby while the parents nap or run errands, and can also aid in lactation education or other household duties. Some families have two NCS employees in the home – one during the day and one at night.

A nanny is also a professional childcare provider that can live or outside of the home. However, nannies that do not have specific training in newborn care often gravitate to caring for older children that have grown out of the newborn or infant stage. They can play with your children, take them to and from school, come up with outings or activities that keep the children engaged and learning, and can help with preparing their meals. Many times, they can help take them to appointments, after school clubs or activities, and help with light household duties such as laundry, cleaning, or bathing.

If your home has both a newborn and an older child, it’s not uncommon to have a nanny and a newborn care specialist working in the home to care for the various needs of the children.

For more information about hiring a newborn care specialist, contact us today! We work to place experienced, compassionate, and attentive professionals in homes around the country. We look forward to talking to you about finding the right person to join your family team.

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