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How to Update Your Resume

Are you planning to search for a new job soon? You might be thinking about what type of position you want and what you are most qualified for. But first, you’ll need to look at your resume to make sure it’s updated to reflect your most current experience. Here are some tips on what to include.

Latest positions

Employers want to see what roles you most recently worked in. Detail how long you were there, what your primary duties were, and what your job title was. Provide as much detail as possible, so you can demonstrate what skills you’re able to provide in the future.

Recently completed certifications

Have you recently completed classes, certifications, or other licensures related to your field of expertise? List these toward the top of your resume, as they can help you stand out as a potential candidate.

Check for errors

In addition to updating contact information and updating your professional summary, make sure you do a thorough review of everything written. Ensure the formatting is good and easy to follow and fix any typos or grammar mistakes.

Update your references

Make sure you check with your current references to ensure they are still willing to provide a referral for you to a potential employer. If you want to add some new people, be sure to ask them in advance so they are not caught off guard.

Highlight volunteer experience

While not necessary, it’s often a good idea to showcase your interests and commitments outside of work. If you regularly volunteer somewhere, serve on the board of an area non-profit, or are passionate about community service, indicate that in a special contribution section.

Your resume should give prospective employers a good snapshot of who you are – both professionally and personally. Spending some time to make sure it stands out will help you secure interviews and lead you to the right job!

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