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Nanny Certification and Training

As a nanny or newborn care specialist, your love for children is an important part of your career. While there is usually no formal training required to become a nanny, staying on top of certifications or other courses can boost your career opportunities and help make you become an even better addition to a family. Here are some nanny certifications and trainings that can help advance your career.

Become a member of the International Nanny Association

Becoming a member of the International Nanny Association automatically puts you in a group of other career-focused, like-minded nannies. You’ll get free access to their basic skills assessment, credential exams, award applications, and publications. They also have a growing resource library that also includes a job board and other important information about taxes and other topics that can be confusing or difficult to navigate. In addition, you’ll gain access to their member-only resources and networking opportunities, you’ll get discounts on registration to their annual conference, and can become eligible for their conference endowment and grant, service award pin, and nanny of the year title.

Obtain CPR and First Aid Certification

These are a must-have when it comes to caring for children. Many families won’t even consider hiring you unless you have these certifications. It’s also a good idea to take specific classes on infant CPR. These certifications are generally good for one to two years.

Water safety

If you plan on taking the kids swimming or you are working for a family that spends time at the beach or near water regularly, it’s a good idea to obtain certification through the American Red Cross in aquatics and water safety. This is a great way to ensure you know the basics of lifeguarding.

Foreign language

Bilingual nanny jobs are in high demand. Many parents speak multiple languages and want to raise their kids as multi-lingual too. A caregiver that can help teach their kids another language is a huge benefit. This not only helps them with their language training, but it also helps introduce them to other cultures. Highlight any languages you speak on your resume.

Cooking or nutrition courses

Chances are, you’ll be doing plenty of food preparation for the children while you’re taking care of them. Additional nutritional training or cooking classes can help make you a valuable nanny candidate to parents. Consider extra training on gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, or vegetarian diets, too. Classes like these are available through culinary schools, local community colleges, or even through community education classes through your local city.

Once you’ve been hired as a nanny, talk to your employer about reimbursement for any ongoing training courses or certifications that you want to stay up to date with, too. This shows that you’re committed to your career and dedicated to being the best possible nanny possible.

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