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Cleaning Up After Pets

Furry four-legged friends are part of the family for many people. Pets do require work, however, and sometimes they can make a lot of messes. Here are some special tips on how pet owners can keep their homes in pristine condition.

#1: Don’t let fur build-up get out of hand.

Dogs and cats shed, some breeds more than others. To stay on top of fur accumulation, sweep or vacuum every day or every other day. If you have carpet, vacuum once or twice a week to reduce hair count. Don’t forget to spend time removing hair from the corners or baseboards of your home, too.

#2: Say goodbye to mud immediately.

Autumn weather brings plenty of rainy days, so when your dog or cat comes inside, it’s common for them to bring in muddy paws. This leaves pawprints around the floors, which can get into the grooves of the linoleum or hardwood. If muddy paws make their way into your home, wipe down the mud immediately rather than letting it dry. The longer it sits, the longer it will take to scrub it and get the stain out.

#3: Stay on top of pet grooming.

Make sure your pet is groomed regularly with baths and haircuts. Dogs with strong odors can bring in odors to your home. The fresher you keep their hair, the fresher your home will smell!

#4: Hire a regular housekeeper.

Our team at Household Staffing knows that your life is busy and sometimes cleaning up after your pet seems never ending. Whether you’re looking for a live-in housekeeper that will be with you full time in the home, or a live-out housekeeper that comes to clean your home weekly or bi-weekly, we have experienced individuals looking for job placement. We listen to the unique needs of your family and offer a 100% guarantee that we’ll find the perfect match.

We are standing by to help. Contact us today for information on finding the right housekeeper for your home!

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