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How to Set Up Your New Kitchen

April 12, 2019
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No matter how many times you have moved, setting up a new kitchen requires some forethought. With a well-organized space that is accessible and convenient, you will be able to move through the kitchen with ease for years to come. Here are some helpful tips on how to set up your new kitchen.

Tip #1: Know what you need.

How much time will you spend in your kitchen? Knowing what kind of cook you are or knowing what your household staff will need when it comes to using your kitchen will help you know how to organize the kitchen accordingly. If the kitchen will be used a lot for cooking, then workability should be at the top of your set-up list.  Be sure that the countertops are left as open and uncluttered as possible and ensure that utensils are reachable in drawers or cupboards.

#2: Put away what is not used daily.

If the standing mixer isn’t used every day or even every week, then find a place to store it so it’s out of the way. Keep what you use daily within reach, but everything else should have a designated space.

#3: Create a flow.

If you have kids in the home, give them a drawer that stores their dinnerware, cups, straws, or other utensils so they can access it independently while you are occupied. Set up a baking drawer with baking tools underneath the countertop that you plan to use while baking. Put your espresso machine or coffee maker near mugs, cups, along with a tin of your coffee so it’s easily reached. Creating distinct areas for frequent activities will help with expediency and efficiency.

#4: Keep cleanliness at the forefront.

The old rule of cleaning up as you go is a helpful one when it comes to being in your kitchen. Cleaning regularly will help keep things looking spotless and help save you time in the long run. Better yet, if you don’t want to lift a finger, contact our team at Household Staffing to find the right housekeeper to live-in or live-out in your home and keep your home clean.

The kitchen is usually the center of living – both for your family and for entertaining purposes. Setting it up right from the get-go is important! Once you have it set up how you want it, contact us about hiring domestic staff to work in your home. Whether it’s a personal chef to create delicious, healthy meals in your new kitchen, or a housekeeper that will keep things looking shiny, we have experienced people looking for placement in homes around your area. Contact us today for information!

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