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Estate Management Certification

Estate managers provide oversight to busy households of all sizes around the world. Whether it’s a large apartment in Manhattan, or family home in the Hamptons or in Miami, estate managers play an invaluable role in the daily running of a private estate. They help supervise staff members, track and oversee budgets, plan and oversee special events, and help coordinate household maintenance and landscaping. There are usually no set entry requirements to become an estate manager. However, each estate is different, and an estate owner may require specific skills or experience of a person that they are looking to hire. That’s why having a degree, training, or other certifications can make you a stand-out estate manager candidate.

A degree in business management or business administration is a great thing to have as an estate manager. These degrees provide training on how to manage employees, and how to communicate effectively while creating a strong team, in addition to financial management or marketing strategies. Business degree candidates learn valuable techniques in project management, problem-solving, service operations, and much more.

Other classes you could consider taking include one-time courses on conflict resolution, leadership, and project management. There are all sorts of affordable community-led classes on these, or you can do some research for local courses at universities or community colleges for specific offerings. Some estate managers choose to become a Certified Property Manager® through the National Association of Realtors®, which helps provide enhanced training on the various innerworkings of property management, including financial and asset management.

Good estate managers need to be natural leaders that can step into various roles if needed. They also need to be detail-oriented and organized. Above all, employers count on estate managers to handle issues that arise with tact and discretion. In fact, being trustworthy is one of the most valuable characteristics an estate owner will look for in a house manager.

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