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Private Household Staff Resources: Introducing New Hires To Your Family

You’ve interviewed your newest domestic staff member. They have passed the background check with flying colors. Their references had nothing but warm and positive things to say.

Still, welcoming a new household staff member into your home can be a stressful and nerve-wracking transition. It can be especially challenging if your new hire is a nanny who will be caring for your children. What is the best way to make the introduction and ensure all parties feel comfortable in your home?

We’ve created this private household staff resource to help. We’ll include tips for helping a new hire feel comfortable in your home. We’ll also discuss a few ways to get your family involved in the process. Continue reading to learn how the top domestic employers welcome new hires and how small gestures mean everything.

A Smooth Transition: Curated Housekeeping Resources

Many of the top domestic employers curate a dedicated housekeeping handbook for new hires. Your new hire can use this tool to learn about the household and quickly access crucial information.

Many households maintain their handbook as a digital resource to make it easy to update, access, and deliver. Some employers also provide a physical copy of this guide. Consider making it available in your live-in staff member’s room upon arrival.

Your new hire resource guide might include:

  • A copy of the staff member’s job description
  • A checklist of daily tasks
  • A guide to daily procedures based on role
  • Copy of your household staff code of conduct
  • A list of any important household food allergies or sensitivities
  • Photos and bios of the other members of your household staff
  • Photos and bios of the private individuals living in your home
  • A list and description of vendors or stakeholders of note
  • A brief guide to your properties, including photos
  • A map of the property where they will be working
  • A map of the grounds where they will be working
  • Information about their accommodations and any amenities
  • Parking information

You will also need a private way to provide Wi-Fi passwords, security codes, and other secure keys. You might share information about how to set up a secure account to gain access to this information.

Curating and updating this resource may be the task of your estate manager, chief of staff, or personal assistant. Ideally, you should update it regularly to include new hires and the most current procedures.

Your new hire should have access to this resource prior to onboarding. Consider assigning a peer mentor who can answer questions before they begin.

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Offer Welcoming Touches

Many top domestic employers like to welcome their new housekeeping hires with small gestures on their first day. Aim to show your new hire that you care about them as a person. If welcoming a live-in staff member, provide a welcome gift in their accommodation. You can also have uniforms pre-embroidered with their name for a personal touch.

Introducing Your Family to a New Hire

Consider providing a catered meal on the new hire’s first day so they can get to know the family and other staff. It will provide an easy, low-stakes opportunity to mingle and chat before the work begins. Plus, it will lend a celebratory atmosphere. Your thoughtful attention will make them feel welcome and excited to begin working for your household.

If the new hire is a nanny, consider setting up a “playdate” in a neutral location. You and your children might meet your new hire at a local park or museum. Allow the new nanny to observe and mingle with your children. This can help smooth the transition for both parties by creating a shared memory of safety.

This is a critical step if your children are shy or transitioning away from another nanny. In the event of the latter scenario, it can sometimes help to invite both caretakers along.

Private Domestic Staff Resources to Smooth Your Transition

A smooth transition begins when you hire confidently. Household Staffing prides itself on meticulous attention to detail when matching domestic staff to prospective employers.

All of our talent is thoroughly background-checked, pre-vetted, and highly experienced. That peace of mind has made it easier for many of the top employers to navigate the hiring process. Plus, we’ll provide private household staffing resources like this one through the hiring process and beyond.

We can’t wait to introduce you to a qualified, reliable, and competent new domestic staff member. Most of our clients find their ideal candidate in under two weeks. Begin the hiring process today.

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