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Brands We Love—Alonpi Lifestyle Cashmere

Photo credit: Alonpi

After a long day, there’s nothing better than putting up your feet and getting comfortable in your favorite spot on the couch or bed with a blanket or pillow.

Alonpi products are the ideal way to sit back and relax in luxury. Alonpi is a niche, artisanal Italian brand that creates simple, yet stunning cashmere throws and pillows. With superior attention to detail with craftsmanship that stands the test of time, Alonpi throw blankets and pillows are made in Italy and are timeless pieces that bring comfort, elegance, and beauty to each room in your home.

About Alonpi Lifestyle Cashmere

As Alonpi describes in their 2023 Look Book:

“Designed by Alfredo Magliola and Gian Pietro Tonel, whose Philosophy of Life in Cashmere led them to create a Home and Ready-To-Wear collection that celebrates the possibilities when the creative and the technical are married into an uncompromising level of luxury.

Alonpi is part of Achille Pinto SpA group, located in Como, being at the forefront of Cashmere research and development produces soft accessories for the top tier of luxury brands and we combine the centuries old expertise of the best craftsman in all of ltaly to create a unique, special offering.

With its unique signature processes, design and Eco-Sustainable Certified commitment to the planet; Alonpi is recognized as a leading Cashmere brand and carried by only the best stores worldwide.”

How We Learned About Alonpi

On a recent shopping trip to Boyds Philadelphia, we had the pleasure of meeting Giuseppe Scarpa, Buying Director of Miu Miu Footwear at Prada. Giuseppe treated us to a first-hand look at Alonpi’s exceptional products.

Giuseppe Scarpa Alonpi tour Boyds Philidelphia
Giuseppe Scarpa at Boyds Philadelphia, Courtesy Giuseppe Scarpa

Because our team recognizes the importance of home comfort all year long, we love and recommend Alonpi products for homes of all kinds across the country. Handcrafted, soft, and unlike any other product on the market today, these pieces are sure to ‘wow’ those with fine tastes.

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Featured image, Alonpi logo, and marketing copy all ©Alonpi, All Rights Reserved. Images used courtesy Alonpi and Giuseppe Scarpa

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