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Discipline Responsibilities

Discipline is big part of raising a child. This helps train kids to obey rules or follow a code of behavior. The goal: teaching them what is right and wrong. Punishment, on the other hand, has to do with penalizing for an offense or a wrongdoing. For example, if you specifically told your child not to call their sibling a name and they did it anyway, a punishment or the removal of a reward may be in order. Discipline goes hand in hand with this, too. It helps the child know why that behavior is wrong.

When it comes to having a nanny in your home, there will be times that discipline and punishment will need to happen. It’s up to you to discuss how you want them to handle this in your absence. Talking about your parenting style and your preferences for discipline is something you should discuss as early as the interview process. This ensures that the potential nanny is on the same page with you and will adhere to your preferences. If her style is strict and yours isn’t, or vice versa, this could cause a clash and make the working relationship tense. Not to mention, it could be confusing for your child, and your child could learn to play one person against the other over time.

Positive correction with the aim of helping the child be a good team player and a compassionate human being should be both you and your nanny’s primary goal. Consistency between parents and nannies is integral to calm days and happy children! With a constant, steady plan in place for behavior correction, you and your nanny will both be empowered to give your children the tools they need to succeed in life.

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