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Networking Skills for Estate Managers

Estate Managers – also sometimes referred to as house managers or butlers – provide oversight and management of the innerworkings of busy homes or larger estates around the world. There are many things that make an effective estate manager – great organization skills, natural leadership ability, and a willingness to network and build relationships with vendors, clients, and other staff around the home. Here are some tips on how to build your networking skills to make your job as an estate manager even more successful.

Be intentional

A good estate manager is intentional about building relationships with those they encounter. Whether its working side by side other staff in the home, the principal and their families, or the other companies or professionals that regularly work around the home for repairs, updates, or other upkeep, intentionality is key. Take time to say hello, ask them how they’re doing (and mean it), and offer authentic assistance. All of this helps build trust and forge a meaningful connection.

Keep respect at the forefront of everything

Relationships are built on trust and respect. If you don’t treat someone with respect, chances are, they aren’t going to want to build a relationship with you. So, whether you are working with a client or vendor on a large project, or you are discussing small details for what seems like the millionth time, always keep your tone and words respectful and kind.

Remember personal details

When making a new networking connection, try to remember a personal detail about the person. Maybe it’s their favorite sport’s team, the name of their pet or child, or where they’re from. When you meet up with them next time, try to remember these details and bring them up in conversation. Doing this shows that you see them, you care and are committed to building a positive working relationship.

Join a professional organization to enhance your skills

While personal dedication to building your professional skills is key to overall success in your career, it’s also important to take advantage of organizations that specialize in domestic staffing and offer helpful career resources. For example, Private Service Alliance offers membership for domestic staffing professionals with the goal of helping build professional relationships, grow knowledge of the estate management industry, and promote best practices. Investing in this type of membership an help elevate your skills, helping give you a leg up during the hiring process, build important industry connections, and ultimately make you a more well-rounded estate manager.

Are you considering starting a career as an estate manager? Or perhaps you are looking for an experienced estate manager looking for a new position. We have options for you! Contact our team at Household Staffing today to get your job search started.

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