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Summer activities that keep kids engaged

Now that school has been out for a while, you or your nanny might have heard the ‘I’m Bored’ phrase a lot from your kids. Sometimes it requires a little bit of creativity to keep your kids active and engaged during the summer months. We have some ideas that can help!

Keep them reading

Not all kids love books, but it is important to keep them reading through the summer. Make a trip to your local library or bookstore and give them the opportunity to pick out some things that interest them. Forcing them to read what you want can take the fun out of it but giving them ownership of what they can read helps keep them motivated to keep reading.

Create an outdoor scavenger hunt

This is something that could keep them occupied for a whole afternoon! Spend some time coming up with a fun scavenger hunt that could take them not just around your home and yard, but around the neighborhood too. Make it a family event, or even encourage them to invite a friend to join in.

Work on a kindness project together

Mail a handmade card to someone special or write letters or draw pictures and mail them to local nursing homes or hospitals to encourage people that may be recovering from surgery or health issues. Or work on coming up with some ways you and your kids can spread kindness while you’re out and about, then put them in a jar and draw one to see what you can work on together for the week. Some ideas might be to pay for someone else’s meal in the drive through line, compliment the checker at the grocery store, or to open the door for someone. Teaching kindness with just small acts like this can make a big impact on others, as well as your children.

Create a summer activity bucket

Spend some time coming up with some fun ideas for summer activities and put the ideas into a bucket. Encourage your kids to come up with some ideas, too. Every day, the kids can draw one that they will do for the day or afternoon.

Bring them to the kitchen

Let your kids pick out a recipe or two that sounds good to them and have them join you in cooking or baking it. This helps them with following directions with the recipe and can even encourage their math skills by adding up what measurements need to be completed. Not to mention, it gives you, your nanny, and your kids the opportunity to bond over a shared project.

If you are looking to bring a nanny on board to your home this summer or this fall, let us help! We have a variety of qualified nannies that are looking for their next home placement. Call us today to start the hiring process!

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