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Preparing Your Summer Nanny

Now that school is out, it’s time to prepare for your summer nanny to keep your kids engaged and active for the next couple of months. Here are some tips on how to best prepare the nanny for their work in your home. 

Outline House Rules

What rules does your house operate under? Do your kids have a nap schedule or dietary restrictions that need to be followed? Perhaps you have guidelines you want to make clear about photos of the children. Punishment styles and your philosophy on discipline should also be made clear, too. This will ensure your family and the nanny are on the same page if behavior issues arise. Communicating these things at the very beginning of employment is critical. If you don’t discuss these things, there could be frustration or confusion that could easily be avoided if expectations were made clear in the beginning. 

Discuss Activities

Have you signed your kids up for summer camps or classes through the summer? Make sure your nanny knows what those are and what time your child needs to be there for those. If you have other activities lined up, provide all details to the nanny in advance. If your children’s schedule is a blank slate, discuss what activity ideas you have in mind and ask the nanny for suggestions as well. Make sure your nanny is comfortable participating in the activities suggested, too. For example, are they okay taking your kids to pools or the beach? Are they comfortable being in large group settings at the zoo or theme parks? 

Talk to The Kids

Tell your kids ahead of time that they’ll be spending time this summer with a nanny. Introduce them in advance if possible so they can become familiar with this person. This helps both the kids and the nanny start out on the right foot and helps them to form a stronger bond from the get-go. 

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